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Surveying Department

The concept of a city surveying department had its beginning in August of 1982 and was the result of a study commissioned by the city council and executed by the “Cadastral Control Committee”

The result was the identified need to maintain and upgrade the centerline control network within the city so that public rights-of-way and private ownership limits could be identified. Maintain the cadastral grid of section corners, and ¼ section corners so as to perpetuate private property rights. Establish and maintain a system of horizontal and vertical control on one unique datum to facilitate public works projects and large area utility improvements. Construct and maintain accurate maps of the public rights-of-way and the control surveys to facilitate the ultimate construction of a GIS for the city. These are just a few of the duties of the City Surveyor and his staff.

Benchmark Data
(NAVD29 and NAVD88)

Users must first open the benchmark map file to obtain the number and class of the desired benchmark(s). (A legend is provided on the map denoting the class of the benchmarks.) Then open the appropriate description file to obtain the elevation(s).