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Finance Reports

Welcome to the Finance Report page. You may view the report online or download it. The reports are in Adobe Acrobat format. You must have  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or higher installed to view the report.

AZ Department of Administration General Accounting Office (ADOA-GAO)

Adopted Budget and CIP
 TitleDescription Size
2018-2019Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2018-2019Download15.05 MB
2017-2018Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2017-2018Download3.49 MB
2016-2017Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2016-2017Download5.92 MB
2015-2016Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2015-2016Download15.39 MB
2014-2015Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2014-2015Download13.52 MB
2013-2014Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2013-2014Download10.26 MB
2012-2013Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2012-2013Download9.11 MB
2011-2012Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2011-2012Download9.00 MB
2010-2011Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2010-2011Download13.18 MB
2009-2010Adopted Budget and CIP FY 2009-2010Download9.46 MB
Adopted and Tentative State Budget Forms
 TitleDescription Size
2019Adopted State Budget Form FY 2019Download266.10 KB
2019Tentative State Budget Form FY 2019Download123.38 KB
2018Adopted State Budget Form FY 2018Download248.97 KB
2018Tentative State Budget Form FY 2018Download248.85 KB
2017Adopted State Budget Form FY 2017Download249.37 KB
2017Tentative State Budget Form FY 2017Download243.33 KB
2016Adopted State Budget Form FY 2016Download603.40 KB
2016Tentative State Budget Form FY 2016Download650.51 KB
2015Adopted State Budget Form FY 2015Download687.61 KB
2015Tentative State Budget Form FY 2015Download661.60 KB
2014Adopted State Budget Form FY 2014Download686.95 KB
2014Tentative State Budget Form FY 2014Download672.91 KB
2013Adopted State Budget Form FY 2013Download724.71 KB
2013Tentative State Budget Form FY 2013Download684.07 KB
2012Adopted State Budget Form FY 2012Download687.51 KB
2012Tentative State Budget Form FY 2012Download684.67 KB
2011Adopted State Budget Form FY 2011Download689.43 KB
2011Tentative State Budget Form FY 2011Download681.04 KB
2010Adopted State Budget Form FY 2010Download861.17 KB
2010Tentative State Budget Form FY 2010Download868.22 KB
Comprehensive Annual Finance Report
 TitleDescription Size
2017Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2017Download1.15 MB
2016Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2016Download1.99 MB
2016Annual Expenditure Limitation Report 2016Download65.16 KB
2015Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2015Download830.48 KB
2014Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2014Download1.91 MB
2013Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2013Download1.65 MB
2012Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2012Download1.61 MB
2011Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2011Download2.12 MB
2010Comprehensive Annual Finance Report 2010Download1.70 MB
Misc. Reports & Presentations
 TitleDescription Size
2018-01-29Public Information Meeting presentationDownload624.46 KB