The mission of the Kingman Fire Department is to provide the highest level of emergency response and effective prevention to preserve the life, property and well-being of our community.

Vision and Values

The Kingman Fire Department is a part of the City of Kingman municipal government. Our services are provided throughout the city limits. The department consists of career and volunteer employees providing prevention and response activities. The current personnel roster consists of 12 part-time and 48 full-time career personnel, 3 civilian support personnel, 2 hydrant maintenance personnel. In the operations division, 42 career employees are on three rotating shifts of 14 personnel each working 24 hour shifts, providing emergency response, inspection and assistance in public education activities. Each shift is managed by a Battalion Chief. Administration, Fire Prevention, Training and Education are the other divisions necessary for our well rounded department.

News and Announcements

Effective January 30, 2017, the Kingman building department will become the "Building & Life Safety Division" of the Kingman Fire Department. Working in unity, Fire Officials and Building Officials will foster a friendly atmosphere putting people first. People from local businesses as well as architects, engineers and contractors will all benefit from this partnering."


On Wednesday, January 11th, during a K9 training session, members of the Kingman Fire Department presented K-9 medical kits to the Kingman Police Department to enhance the KPD K-9 program. The idea to create the kits belongs to KFD Engineer Jeff Stapleton. 


Kingman Fire Department Strategic Plan (2016-2021)

Obtaining Fire Reports

To obtain a copy of a fire report, please contact the fire department at 310 N. 4th Street, Kingman, AZ 86401. It is reasonable and necessary to charge a nominal per page fee to offset the cost of paper, supplies and equipment. The City charges $0.20 per page after the first two pages which are free. If you are in need of a document please fill out the Request Form and return it to the City Clerk’s office at 310 N. 4th Street. Please contact us at (928)753-2891 with the type, date, and location of the incident.


Medical reports for patients who are not transported to the hospital can only be obtained by contacting the Kingman Fire Department at (928)753-2891. Proper identification will be required to obtain these records as required by the HIPAA (Health Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) policy. In the event the patient was transported to the hospital, our report becomes a part of the hospital's patient file. Copies are easiest to obtain through Kingman Regional Medical Center where a patient can request a complete copy of their file. To contact Kingman Regional Medical Center for this purpose, call (928)757-2101 and ask for the medical records department.

CPR Classes

American Heart Association:
KRMC Education Dept.: (928)692-4640
Jenny Nelson: (928)303-3535
Liz Vidad: (928)208-6609; www.cprlac.com; lvidad@citlink.net

National Safety Council:
Jared Nichols: (928)753-8991

American Red Cross CPR and First Aid:
City of Kingman Parks and Recreation: (928)757-7919

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