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Welcome to the Building & Life Safety Division

The simple truth is that the building department must provide customer service that goes beyond the goal to ensuring safe buildings and properties for our citizens.  Dedicated staff must maintain the level of customer care that nurtures the dreams, feelings, goals and concerns of the people in the business community.   To maintain friendly working relationships with our construction partners the City of Kingman is announcing a change in how the department will operate.  Effective January 30, 2017, the Kingman building department will become the Building & Life Safety Division of the Kingman Fire Department.    Working in unity, Fire Officials and Building Inspectors will foster a friendly atmosphere putting people first.   People from local businesses as well as architects, engineers and contractors will all benefit from this partnering.  Please come see us at our new home: 

Kingman Fire Department
Building & Life Safety Division
412 East Oak St. - Kingman, AZ 86401
Main Office: (928) 753-2891

The Kingman Fire Department - Building & Life Safety Division accepts and reviews applications for residential, commercial, industrial and public building permits.   Demolition, Soil Grading, HUD Homes and Sign permit applications are also accepted and coordinated through the Building & Life Safety Division.  Requirements for these applications are listed HERE





BUILDING & Life Safety

Sherie Sixkiller-Wing, Permit Technician (

Don Anderson, Residential Plans Examiner (

Dave Lash, Senior Building Inspector (

Building Permits Stats

Permits Issued Week Of: 12/01/2017 thru 12/08/2017

Permit Type Permits Issued
Commercial 0
Electric 2
Gas 1
Grading 1
Industrial 0
Residential 3
Sewer 0

Permits Issued Month of November 2017

Permit Type Permits Issued
Commercial 8
Electric 8
Gas 3
Grading 0
Industrial 0
Residential 43
Sewer 0
Building Fee Overview

The City of Kingman Development Services issues Building Permits. A function within the process of permits issuance is the collection of fees due based on City ordinances pertaining to other departmental or investment fees.
Many fees are calculated based on:

    • square footage of building and lot,
    • type of construction,
    • occupancy type,
    • number of plumbing fixtures
    • size of water meter
    • total cost of construction
    • impact on community

While the web is useful in giving general information about City of Kingman fees it is not intended to be the sole source or final word on total fees due for projects that are being budgeted.
Please be aware that we will be more than happy to provide information and general estimates of costs of permits when you provide required background information.
The general estimates are only based on the information you provide and are subject to review and adjustment once you submit an application for permit.
Contact our Development Services Permit Tech to request an early permit valuation review.