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KFD News Details


Very exciting news from the city of Kingman, the Kingman Fire Department and the Kingman Building Department!

"The simple truth is that the building department must provide customer service that goes beyond the goal to ensuring safe buildings and properties for our citizens. Dedicated staff must maintain the level of customer care that nurtures the dreams, feelings, goals and concerns of the people in the business community. To maintain friendly working relationships with our construction partners, the City of Kingman is announcing a change in how the department will operate. Effective January 30, 2017, the Kingman building department will become the "Building & Life Safety Division" of the Kingman Fire Department. Working in unity, Fire Officials and Building Officials will foster a friendly atmosphere putting people first. People from local businesses as well as architects, engineers and contractors will all benefit from this partnering."

If you are a member of the building community or a concerned citizen, please view this informational presentation.