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Chief: Jake Rhoades
Asst Chief: Keith Eaton
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Permits and Inspections

Fire Inspections: The Fire Prevention Division will perform inspections for fire safety on any occupancy when requested, including private residences. To schedule a fire safety inspection contact the Fire Department by telephone at 928-753-2891 or in person at 310 N. 4th St. Kingman AZ.

Fire Hazard Abatement: The Fire Prevention Division will perform inspections for the abatement of fire hazards. The abatement is limited to excessive amounts of weeds, piles of trash, wood and unsecured buildings that are determined to be fire hazards. An inspection of the property is performed when a call has been received reporting a nuisance. When the property is determined to be a fire hazard, the owner of the property is notified and given an order to abate the nuisance. Generally the owner is given thirty days to abate the nuisance. If you wish to report a nuisance please call (928)753-2891.

Youth Fire-Starter Prevention Program: Realizing that youth fire setting is a major community issue, the Kingman Fire Department offers a youth Fire-starter prevention program to residents of our community. Youths enter the program in a variety of ways:

  • a parent or legal guardian may call the Fire Department for assistance
  • schools may call the fire department for assistance
  • a youth may be encountered at the fire scene and referred to the program by the company officer or a fire investigator
  • law enforcement or the juvenile justice system may refer a child
  • mental health agencies may call for assistance

The program's components are based on the individual needs of the child. The program is offered free of charge. For more information please contact the fire department at (928)753-2891.

Burn Permits: To obtain a burn permit an inspection by fire department personnel must be done. The following must be met to obtain a permit:

  1. Only natural vegetation may be burned, no paper, trash, or construction materials can be burned.
  2. Weeds must be pulled and piled and no limbs or branches over 2" in diameter may be burned.
  3. Burning may be done during day light hours only.
  4. Burning may be done only during low wind conditions.
  5. There must be water under pressure available to cover the entire perimeter of the burning site.
  6. Burning operations must be supervised at all times.
  7. The Kingman Police and Fire dispatch center must be called at 753-2191, prior to the start of the burning and after the burning is completed each time.
  8. The permit is good for four (4) days after the date of issuance only.