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Benefits Summary



Contributes to Federal Tax 10 - 28% of earnings
Contributes to State Tax 0.8 –5.1% of earnings

Contributes to FICA/ Medicare:

  Social Security 6.20% of earnings
  Medicare (Exempt- Post 1986 Fire)

1.45% of earnings

Contributes to Qualified Pension:

   Regular Employee (AZ State Retirement)  11.34% of earnings 
   Firefighter Employee (AZ Public Safety Retirement) 11.65% of earnings
   Police Officer Employee (AZ Public Safety Retirement) 11.65% of earnings
  Contributes to AZ State Retirement Long Term Disability  0.14% of earnings
Contributes to Single Medical/Dental/Vision   $10.00/pay period
   Group Employee Life & AD&D Insurance $40,000  $0.00 Employer paid 
 Contributes to Family Medical/Dental/vision –per pay period  PPO $94.17    HDHP  $86.70
   Dental  $7.83  $7.83
   Vision  $1.40  $1.40
   Group Employee Life & AD&D Ins $40,000  $0.00  $0.00
  Group Life/AD&D ($10,000/Spouse; $5,000/Dep Child(ren) $0.00 $0.00
    $103.40 $95.93


Contributes to FICA/Medicare:  
  Regular Employee 7.65% of earnings
  Fire Fighter Employee (Post 1986) Medicare 1.45% of earnings
Contributes to Qualified Pension:  
  ASRS Employee 11.34% of earnings
  Fire Fighter Employee 40.96% of earnings
  Police Officer Employee 37.20% of earnings
Contributes to ASRS Long Term Disability 0.14% of earnings
Contributes for Industrial Insurance (average per employee) $216.55 quarterly
Contributes Single and Family Group Health Insurance:
Medical/Dental/Vision/Group Life
  Single PPO $616.58/ month city pays $595.58
  Single HDHP $558.26/ month city pays $538.26
  Family PPO $1,373.09/ month city pays $1,166.31/month
  Family HDHP $1,228.58/ month city pays $1,036.74/month
Provides 15-20 paid vacation days per year
  4.62 hrs to 5 yrs
4.92 hrs to 6 yrs
5.23 hrs to 7 yrs
5.54 hrs to 8 yrs
5.85 hrs to 9 yrs
6.15 hrs to 10+
Provides 12 sick days per year = 3.69 hrs per pay period
Provides Shift fire personnel accrued leave at 1/3 more per pay period
Provides Compensation Plan for unused accrued sick and vacation hours when leaving City employment
Provides 10.5 paid Holidays per year
Provides 1-3 or 3-5 days paid Bereavement Leave
Provides Paid Leave for Jury Duty & Voting
Provides Certification Pay for specific skills
Provides Bilingual Pay to qualified employees
Provides Shift Differential for classifications working 2nd and 3rd shift
Provides Employee Assistance Program inclusive of family
Provides Contribution to Health Savings Account for employees in HDHP
Provides Leave Donation Program
Provides Clothing allowance for Uniformed Employees
Provides Reimbursable or Advanced Education Benefits
Provides Bonus Award Program
Provides Recognition Programs - Smiley & Safety
Provides Service Awards at 5, 10, 15, 20 + years of service
Provides Commuter insurance coverage
Provides opportunity to participate in:  
    Deferred Compensation Plans Section 125 Plans
    Direct Deposit Supplementary Group Ins.
    Flexible Savings Account Health Savings Account
    Wellness Programs Teledoc Medical Services


Deferred Compensation Plans (457)
Supplemental Retirement Plans

Deferred Compensation is a method which allows you to take income out of your current earnings and set it aside to provide additional retirement income.  It will be taxed during your retirement years when you may be in a lower tax bracket.  The amounts you agree to defer are pre-tax dollars. The deferred amount is deducted from your gross earnings before federal and state taxes are deducted, and therefore, will reduce your current taxable income.

If you would like to enroll in a Supplemental Retirement Plan, please contact one of the vendors listed below.  Each agent will explain the programs they have to offer and provide assistance with the necessary paperwork to establish your plan. 

Deferred Compensation Plans (457):  
Edward Jones Investments - American Funds: Larry Carver
Matt Ladendecker
Kelly Pickering
Empower Retirement (Great West): Gary Robinson 480-734-1461
Nationwide Retirement Solutions: John Bennett 602-266-2733

Roth IRA:  
Edward Jones Investments - American Funds: Larry Carver
Matt Ladendecker
Kelly Pickering
Nationwide Retirement Solutions: John Bennett 602-266-2733


Section 125 Plans:
Supplementary Group Insurance and Flexible Savings Account

Section 125 plans are those in which the insurance premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars.  The premiums for these plans will be deducted from your gross earnings before federal taxes; state taxes and FICA are deducted therefore lowering your current taxable income.   

Section 125 plans must be set up at the beginning of the plan year (fiscal year) or within 30 days of hire and other qualifying events.  Once you have enrolled, you will not be able to change or terminate the plan until the end of the plan year unless you have a qualifying event.

Supplemental Insurance:  
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (AFLAC): Ron Day
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company: Mark Marquez

 Flexible Savings Account Health Savings Account:
AmeriFlex:  1-888-868-FLEX (3539)
HSA Bank 1-800-357-6246

The City of Kingman provides numerous benefits for employees.  For more information about the City’s Benefit Programs, please contact your Benefits Administrator: 

Jennifer Gutierrez, Human Resources Technician at (928) 753-8583

Shondi Locey, Human Resources Technician at (928) 753-8568

Krista Toschlog, SHRM-SCP/SPHR-Human Resources Administrator at (928) 753-8119

Jackie Walker, SHRM-SCP/SPHR/IPMA-CP, Human Resources/Risk Management Director at (928) 753-8107

We will be happy to assist you!