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Animal Control

The Neighborhood Services bureau handles all animal control services for the City of Kingman.  Services provided are as follows: Pickup stray, abandoned, unwanted or dead animals (domestic animals); Respond to complaints of barking dogs, dogs at large, nuisance and neglect; Provide public with information regarding licensing and other various laws regarding their animals.


Q.    How many dogs or cats can I possess within the city limits?
A. If you live on less than 1 acre you can possess no more than 3 animals.  If you live on more than 1 acre you can possess no more than 4 animals.
Q. Why are there no leash laws on cats?
A. Cats are considered a feral animal and are useful in controlling the rodent population.
Q. What can be done about barking dogs?
A. Call in the complaint at the time it is happening.   The dog owner can be given a written or verbal warning or the dog owner could be issued a citation if 2 or more neighbors, from different homes, are willing to testify of their complaint in court.
Q. How much are dog licenses?
A. Dog licenses are obtained through the Western Arizona Humane Society.  The fee is $9 a year for altered dogs; $30 a year for unaltered dogs.
Q. What are the hours of operation for the Western Arizona Humane Society?
A. The office is open Monday thru Saturday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, except holidays.

Can Neighborhood Services help with the removal of poisonous snakes?

A. Yes

Does Neighborhood Services help with wildlife concerns?


Officers will respond to ensure public safety. Most wildlife concerns are referred to the AZ Game & Fish Department. 

Western AZ Humane Society: (928) 753-2727
HALT (Helping Animals Live Today): (928) 692-8940
Mutt Matchers Adoption: (928) 718-4DOG (718-4364)
AZ Game & Fish Department, Region III - Kingman: (928) 692-7700