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Detective Division

The Detective Division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes occurring within the city limits of Kingman, analysis of crime trends and the successful prosecution of all assigned cases. Detectives are responsible for investigating and solving property crimes and crimes against persons. Detectives interact with other operational divisions and jurisdictions to address major crimes. The detective division consists of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, five detectives, 2 evidence technicians and an administrative secretary.

All Kingman Police detectives start their career as uniformed patrol officers and are assigned to the detective bureau after competitive testing and based upon their knowledge, experience and investigative ability. The specially trained civilian staff conducts crime analysis and investigative support duties.

The detective bureau is not divided into subsections. Each detective is responsible for investigating his or her assigned cases, which include burglaries, crimes against children, robbery, homicide, theft, assault, harassment, fraud, forgery, sexual assaults, computer crimes and more.

FLEX Team: Uniform/plain clothes unit focusing on street level narcotics and property crimes. A single purpose K-9 is also assigned to the team.