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Evidence (CSU) and Property

The Property and Crime Lab division is currently staffed by two full time evidence technicians. The major function of this division is to retain evidence for court presentation by Kingman Police Officers. This division is responsible for the proper intake, control, storage, release and disposal of all property confiscated, appropriated, seized or otherwise taken into custody by any authorized person from this department. This includes recovered stolen property, abandoned or found property and personal property. The division works extremely close with officers, attorneys and other law enforcement agencies.

Evidence is any physical item that may or may not require some type of scientific analysis that may be used in a court of law to prove guilt or innocence, with some items being listed below:

  • Instruments used in the commission of a crime such as burglary tools, weapons of all types used in aggravated assaults or homicides, forged documents, etc.
  • Circumstantial or known evidence, such as latent prints, blood stains, fibers, shoe impressions, broken glass, etc.
  • Contraband items of which the possession of is illegal or prohibited, such as drug paraphernalia, prohibited weapons, etc.

The Crime Lab unit responds to crime scenes to assist patrol officers and detectives. The crime lab personnel will take photographs, assist in taking measurements, process the scene for latent prints and will take castings of shoe impressions and tire impressions, hair and fiber traces, and will also retrieve major items of evidence.