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Chief: Robert Devries

Nuisance Abatement

The City of Kingman encourages all residential and commercial property owners to keep their properties clean and neat. Property owners should keep weeds cut, remove junk and abandoned vehicles, and debris and trash from their properties.

If necessary the City can take action to cause the clean-up of properties which have nuisances upon them. Nuisances include: noxious weeds, junk and trash, stagnant water, excessive smoke, fumes or soot, as well as unsafe, dilapidated buildings.

The City has a nuisance abatement program which assists in keeping properties clean and neat. Citizens can make inquiries regarding the program to any of the Neighborhood Services Officers at 753-2191. For additional information you can also call the Planning and Zoning Office at 753-8130.

Neighborhood Services



Top Ten Code Violations 

The City of Kingman Neighborhood Services Officers are assigned to the Administration Department of the Kingman Police Department. Responsibilities include investigating complaints of Public Nuisances, Zoning Violations, Dangerous and Abandoned Buildings and following up those complaints till compliance.

Message to the public:

The Neighborhood Services Division is dedicated to improving the quality of life in neighborhoods through enforcement of City Codes and Ordinance's. Our emphasis is on Health and Safety issues, as well as protection of property values. If you have questions regarding City Codes or Ordinances please contact the Neighborhood Services Division.

The City of Kingman has initiated a citywide effort to protect the public health, safety and welfare of our community; as well as your investment in property values and quality of life in your neighborhood.  Municipal codes have been adopted to establish regulations in our community. For a list of the top 10 violations click the link above.

Your Kingman Police Neighborhood Services Officers:

Tomas Silva
Adam Lucier
Chris Weintraub
Sam Kurtze