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How Are We Doing?

The Kingman Police Department is interested in improving the quality of service we provide to the community. We strive for quality service and good community relations. You have every right to expect the very best from us.

If we Did It Right, we would like to know.
If we Did It Wrong, we need to know.

If we recently encountered you during a call for service or provided a service to you, please take the time to answer the questions below. Your answers will help us provide better service to you. If you have any questions about this evaluation process please call 928-753-2191 and we will be happy to assist you.

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Your contact with the police department is the result of:
Was the Dispatcher/Receptionist you spoke with courteous and helpful?
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Did the officer adequately explain what actions they were taking during their contact with you? Or actions to be taken by you?
How well did the officer physically present themselves? (Consider their appearance and their demeanor toward you):
How would you rate the Kingman Police Department overall?:
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