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Bike Patrol


The bicycle patrol was developed by officers desiring to better serve special events where large groups of people gather at a function. Bicycle patrol was seen and used as a patrol tool for burglary prevention. Officers have used bicycle patrol to handle patrol functions in densely populated areas.

Message to the Public:

Bicycle patrol is very popular with city residents. People like to see the bicycle officers in the neighborhoods and businesses.

Bicycle patrol is usually scheduled for special events. Officers can and do use bicycles for patrol duties.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is there a full time bicycle patrol?
A. No, only in high populated areas and special events is the bicycle patrol beneficial.
Q. Do officers like bicycle patrol?
A. Yes, officers very much like bicycle patrol. Officers have close contact with the public when conducting bicycle patrol.


The Kingman Police Department is always interested in the opinions of the citizens that it serves.