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Youth Advisory Commission Agendas and Minutes

On this page will find the Agendas, Minutes and Audio recordings for the Youth Advisory Commission meetings. The agendas and minutes are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Agenda is an overview of the council meeting and can be viewed online. The Action Agenda reports what action the council took during the meeting. The Minutes are the official record of the meeting. Audio recordings of the meeting are available below as well.

To view a document below click the date next to the document. To save the document to your hard drive click the Download link at the right.

2015-04-02Regular MeetingDownload
2015-03-28Special MeetingDownload
2015-03-05Regular MeetingDownload
2015-02-12Re Scheduled MeetingDownload
2015-01-08Regular MeetingDownload
2014-12-04Regular MeetingDownload
2014-11-21Special MeetingDownload
2014-11-20Special MeetingDownload
2014-11-11Sub-Comm MeetingDownload
2014-11-06Regular MeetingDownload
2014-10-09Special MeetingDownload
2014-09-10No QuorumDownload
2014-09-04No QuorumDownload
2014-08-08Regular MeetingDownload
2014-07-03Meeting CancelledDownload
2014-06-05Regular MeetingDownload
2014-05-01Regular MeetingDownload
2014-04-03Regular MeetingDownload
2014-02-06Regular MeetingDownload
Action Agendas
2014-11-06Regular MeetingDownload
Meeting Audio