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City of Kingman

City Kingman
310 N Fourth St.
Kingman, AZ 86401

Phone: (928) 753-5561
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City Manager Reports

Welcome to the City Manager's Report page. The report is prepared each month and is presented to the City Council. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or higher installed to view the report.


View or Download City Manager Reports
2017-08City Manager's Report for August 2017Download
2017-07City Manager's Report for July 2017Download
2017-06City Manager's Report for June 2017Download
2017-05City Manager's Report for May 2017Download
2017-04City Manager's Report for April 2017Download
2017-03City Manager's Report for March 2017Download
2017-02City Manager's Report for February 2017Download
2017-01City Manager's Report for January 2017Download
2016-12City Manager's Report for December 2016Download
2016-11City Manager's Report for November 2016Download
2016-10City Manager's Report for October 2016Download
2016-09City Manager's Report for September 2016Download
2016-08City Manager's Report for August 2016Download
2016-07City Manager's Report for July 2016Download
2016-06City Manager's Report for June 2016Download
2016-05City Manager's Report for May 2016Download
2016-04City Manager's Report for April 2016Download
2016-03City Managers Report for March 2016Download
2016-02City Managers Report for February 2016Download
2016-01City Managers Report for January 2016Download
2015-12City Managers Report for December 2015Download
2015-11City Managers Report for November 2015Download
2015-10City Managers Report for October 2015Download
2015-09City Managers Report for September 2015Download
2015-08City Managers Report for August 2015Download
2015-07City Managers Report for July 2015Download
2015-06City Managers Report for June 2015Download
2015-05City Managers Report for May 2015Download
2015-04City Managers Report for April 2015Download
2015-03City Manager's Report for March 2015Download
2015-02City Manager Report for February 2015Download
2015-01City Manager Report for January 2015Download