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Joshua Noble
Deputy Director
Economic Development & Tourism Department, City of Kingman
Phone: (928) 753-6106

Art in Public Places

The City of Kingman is proud to announce the Art in Public Places Program, a new effort to beautify and create interesting works of art in our public spaces. The pilot program - which is a collaboration of the Mayor’s Office, City Manager’s Office, and volunteers from the Kingman Center for the Arts - has been budgeted $10,000 to fund works of art that will:

  • Distinguish Kingman as a special place to live, work, play and visit. 

  • Provide every member of the community easy visual access to art. 

  • Provide a means to counterbalance what may be considered “negative” effects of development (e.g. construction noise, traffic, congestion, and pollution). 

  • Strengthen cultural awareness, creativity, and innovative thinking in the community. 

Proposed art projects are currently being sought by the review committee. Proposals will be reviewed and awarded based on artistic expression, scale & content, and permanence & materials. Local artists may receive preference points, but the program is open to any artist wishing to participate with their work. All awarded art will be installed on City of Kingman property, will be installed by and maintained by the City, and will become City property. 

The Art in Public Places Program Committee is excited to launch the program and release the application. If successful, the Committee’s goal is to further expand the program and provide more visually interesting pieces that represent Kingman, encourage pride in the community, and add value to public spaces. 

To inquire about, or apply for the Art in Public Places Program, contact Josh Noble, Deputy Economic Development & Tourism Director, at 928.753.6106 or

    City Hall Art
“Public Art by Gregg Paine installed in memory of a tragedy when 12 Kingman firefighters lost their lives in 1973.”