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End of February Stockton Hill Road Project Update

Post Date:02/27/2019 3:42 PM

Because of the epic amount of snowfall Kingman received last week, it was hard to get much construction work done in the city. Despite the weather, crews were able to complete some work last week in the Airway intersection before the storm. Additionally, Haydon had another a small crew in town this week maintaining some of the driveways, traffic control and working some of the material in the yard in an effort to get things dried out. City officials have updated local businesses and the motoring public weekly regarding the timeline and entrances to business along the construction route, through the duration of the project thus far.

Full crews are back on the jobsite today, and in an effort to make up for some of the lost time, crews also plan to work through this weekend. Therefore, construction crews will be on-site each day beginning tomorrow through March 8. They will have one crew running during the daytime hours and another crew during the night. The day crew will continue work in the southbound zone and should complete the main line work to Plaza Drive this week. They will also be working the soil in the trenches to help dry things up. After they complete the main work, they will begin pressure testing with the hope that they can pave the trenches beginning next week.  If patching occurs as planned, crews will move immediately to the next southbound work zone which is from Plaza Dr. to Airway Ave. which is tentatively scheduled for March 6. 

The night crew will be working in the northbound zone from 7pm to 6am. The first two nights will be in the Airway intersection. During this time, traffic in Airway Ave. will be restricted, and detours will be in place to route traffic around the work. The remaining nights, crews will work to install the mainline from Airway Ave. to Plaza Dr. and will be installing laterals to the businesses. The night crew will eventually switch to daytime work this weekend. Crews are scheduled to pave the trench in the northbound zone towards the end of next week. As we finish the work in the northbound zone, people will notice crews flushing the new main in sections between Airway Ave. and Gordon Dr. This needs to be done for final regulatory testing.

Crews are watching the weather closely, and if we get rain on the project, it will affect our ability to prepare the trenches for patching so the schedule may slide depending on the severity of the storm. Despite the unusual weather Kingman has had, the project should still be completed in April as originally planned. 

Once we complete construction of the mains on both sides of the road, we will pull the majority of the traffic control up and there will be a lull in work as we obtain regulatory approval of the new system from the state.  After we get approval from the state, we will need to set up traffic control again on each side of the project as we make the final switchovers to the new system and connect each business to the new system. Once the final switchovers are complete, we will repave Stockton Hill Road from Airway Ave. to Gordon Dr.

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