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End of March Stockton Hill Update

Post Date:03/28/2019 11:40 AM

This week crews are working to complete the main line and laterals in the last segment. Crews plan to complete the work on the main line and laterals on Monday, and will then begin pressure testing the main. If the pressure tests look good, crews will patch the trenches on Thursday, April 4. Patching is scheduled to begin at 5 a.m., starting at the Airway Avenue intersection. When patching begins, Airway Ave. will be restricted as crews patch the trench across the intersection. Patching in the intersection will occur in phases so that one lane in each direction on Airway can remain open while work is performed. In addition to the patching in the southbound lane, Haydon plans to also patch a small portion of the northbound lane just south of Kino Ave.; as that portion of Stockton Hill Rd. will be restricted while patching occurs. Once patching is complete, the majority of the work on the waterline will stop while we obtain regulatory approvals from the state, which could take 2-3 weeks. Once we get final approval, crews need to connect businesses to the new system. When this occurs, we will need to set up traffic control again in sections for the work. The actual switchovers will occur during nighttime hours, but the traffic control may be up during the day as crews prepare for the work. When it comes time to making the switch, crews will make to avoid water service disruptions.

As mentioned last week, the City Council amended Haydon’s contract to modify the existing culvert approximately 250’ south of Hillcrest Drive. The project will add two new large diameter pipes to convey storm water under Stockton Hill Road that has flooded this location in the past. Crews will begin work on this project starting Monday, April 1. Crews will begin demolition of concrete structures, and will then start working on a concrete structure on the east side of Stockton Hill Road.  Starting on Monday, Stockton Hill Rd. will be restricted to one lane in each direction at the crossing and all northbound traffic will be shifted west around the work zone. This restriction is scheduled to remain in place until April 10, when crews will swap the work zone to the other side of the road. When the swap occurs, southbound traffic will be shifted east around the work zone. The culvert work is scheduled to be completed on April 22.  Access to businesses in the area will be maintained while this work is underway.

We realize the addition of the culvert project adds additional road restrictions and congestion, but this project allows us to install these pipes before we repave Stockton Hill Rd. The addition of these pipes will help us make improvements in the future to our storm water system that will be a benefit to the community.

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