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Opportunities abound at Kingman Municipal Airport and Industrial Park

Economic impact study of Kingman Municipal Airport and Industrial Park has local officials excited

Post Date:09/25/2019 8:20 AM

Picture by Travis Rains 

Even with an economic impact of $574.3 million to Kingman and Mohave County in fiscal year 2018, the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park still has “room to grow.”

The City recently hired Applied Economics from Phoenix to conduct an economic impact study for the airport and industrial park. The results were exciting for Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter.

“Everybody I think has a general sense that our Kingman Airport and Industrial Park are important community assets,” the vice mayor said. “But this really quantifies just how important they really are to our region.”

The industrial park houses about 70 businesses with approximately 2,600 employees and creates a direct economic impact of $406.7 million each year, according to the report. Those 2,600 employees comprise about 20% of Kingman’s employment base. The majority, about 1,600, work in manufacturing at the industrial park. Manufacturing generates about 70% of the impacts at the park. Lingenfelter also said that employment opportunities at the airport and industrial park are more than jobs, they’re careers that families can live and build off of.

Then there are the additional $134.3 million in economic impacts and 1,100 additional jobs that are supported at businesses throughout the county through local spending from industrial park enterprises. Those figures combined mean a total annual economic impact of $541 million courtesy of the industrial park.

Lingenfelter said numerous improvements have been made since the city took control of the airport and park 16 months ago, and more are planned.

“It’s a night-and-day change,” he said. “We’re getting roads repaired, roads adopted into the county maintenance system, the terminal building has been renovated, we’ll have a pilot’s lounge. We’re working with the Federal Aviation Administration and state on grants for runways to get repaired. There’s just so many good and positive things that are happening.”

Flying high

The study then moves onto the economic impacts of the Kingman Airport itself. Between the city employees at the airport, and the workers at businesses located there, 125 people are employed with an annual payroll of $5.1 million. Another 90 jobs and $3.6 million in labor income throughout the county are supported by the airport.

The total economic impact of the airport alone to Mohave County in Fiscal Year 2018 was $33.3 million.

“The report makes it clear that the airport and industrial park are major economic drivers for Kingman and for Mohave County,” said Mayor Jen Miles. “The data that’s in that report by Applied Economics speaks for itself.”

The airport also benefits local hotels, restaurants and other businesses. The report notes that 4% of the airport’s 12,000 traveling operations in fiscal year 2018 were nonlocal. Those operations brought about 1,000 day trip and overnight visitors to Kingman in the past year.

An economic engine

“The Kingman Municipal Airport and Industrial Park are key components of Kingman’s economic base, not only in terms of transportation accessibility and as a gateway to the community, but also as an economic development engine, supporting thousands of local jobs and millions of dollars in annual payroll,” Applied Economics wrote. “The economic impacts of the businesses at the airport and the industrial park support business activity throughout the region, and have the capacity to support expanded business activity in the future.”

Both the vice mayor and mayor spoke to future business activity. Lingenfelter noted the City’s continued efforts to get another 1,800 acres released at the industrial park. Should the land be released by the federal government, that would yield a total of around 4,000 acres.

“There are communities across the country that would kill to have the opportunities that Kingman has,” Lingenfelter said.

 By Travis Rains

Originally Published: September 24, 2019 7:27 p.m.


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