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Response to Questions to Zoning Ordinance Update

  • Department:Planning & Economic Development
  • Start Date:12/17/2018 10:31 AM
  • Close Date:TBD

The following questions were submitted related to the RFP.  The answers to these questions are shown below the question in red.


  1. Can the city identify a list of any known specific use types (e.g. wireless facilities, recreational vehicle parks, outside storage, accessory uses, temporary uses, etc.) that you desire to develop     enhanced supplementary zoning standards for at this time? Given the range of possibilities, further clarification will help to define a more accurate budget.


The purpose for the City of Kingman seeking an outside contract agency is so the agency can provide guidance and direction as to what areas of the Ordinance could be updated that would benefit the City and its residents best.  The City of Kingman Zoning Ordinance is very outdated and so it is unclear what specific use types we would like to focus on.  The first aspect of the review and update of the Zoning Ordinance will be to organize it by removing sections not used, placing sections in a comprehensive order, updating definitions and allowed uses with or without a CUP, then, adding modern zoning practices that the City of Kingman and its residents could benefit from, would promote smart and steady growth, and allow for modern types of proposals and uses.


  1. Section A (pg 3) indicates the work will be conducted as two projects, Section N (pg. 11) indicates the work shall be completed in three phases. Can you please confirm the work shall include, Phase 1 -  reviewing and updating the zoning code for adoption (not including the sign code and historic overlay district), Phase 2 includes “updating” and expanding the Historic Overlay District, and Phase 3 includes “only” the review of the sign code “but not the actual update”?


This project will include 3 phases: 


  1. Review and update the Zoning Ordinance (except the sign code)
  2. Expand the Historic Overlay District
  3. Review and update the sign code:Please note that review and update of the sign code can begin as soon as the contract is awarded, but, due to the possibility of trying to ensure that the updated sign code meets any new State requirements, which may include the advising by legal consultants, the City does not want to delay the review, update and approval of the rest of the Zoning Ordinance while the sign code is being reviewed.


  1. How does the City desire the cost estimate to be provided, by phase (1-3), or some other format?


    The cost estimate can be submitted for each phase with a total amount of what would be charged for the entire project.


  2. If hard copies are NOT required, how would you like the fee proposal delivered? (As a separate PDF File w/the corresponding proposal?)


    The fee proposal may be submitted as a separate pdf file with the corresponding proposal.


  3. Are the Cover/Back/Tabs/Appendix included in the 20 page-limit?


    No, the cover, back, tabs and appendix (s) will not count towards the 20 page limit.

  4. We are familiar with the implications of Proposition 207 in Arizona. Has the City determined how much support there is from property owners within the areas where the expanded Historic Overlay District may be applied as this will be critical to ensuring success for the expanded Overlay.

    There is a lot of support from the property owners in the downtown Kingman area to expand the Historic Overlay District.

  5. Please confirm the level of political support (i.e. from the City Council) for the expanded Historic Overlay District.

    There is a lot of support from the elected officials of the City of Kingman to expand the Historic Overlay District.

  6. Will the City staff update and manage information on the City's web page relative to this project?

    City staff will update and manage information on the City’s web page relative to this project.

  7. Please confirm if Appendix A is included within the 20-page limit for the proposal. We assume that it is.

    Appendix A will not count as part of the 20-page limit.

  8. Is there a limit on the number of references we may provide?


  9. Please confirm that the five paper copies of the proposal are optional, and that the submittal of one electronic copy of the proposal will meet the City's needs.

    Yes, paper copies are optional and one electronic copy is what is required.

  10. Has the City allocated the total dollar amount for completion of this project, and if so, how much is the total budget for this project?

The City will be basing how much to spend on this project depending on the cost estimates submitted for this RFP. 

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