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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How many days after my billing date do I have to pay my bill before it is considered delinquent?

  • If I pay my bill 21 days after the billing date, am I assessed a fee?

  • What happens after the $3.00 delinquent fee is assessed?

  • Why is my due date different every month?

  • What if I can’t pay my bill?

  • I am on a fixed income. I recently asked for an extension and was denied one, but I used to receive extensions any time I asked for one. What happened?

  • One of the Customer Service Representatives told me I could not receive an extension unless it qualified as a special circumstance. What would be considered a special circumstance?

  • What if I don’t receive my bill in time to meet the 20-day due date window?

  • If I receive a $3.00 delinquent fee because I don’t receive my utility bill in a timely manner, can I get the fee waived?