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The Kingman Fire Department has a long history in the community.  The level of professionalism and character of its members is second to none and the department expects to perform as a leader in the fire service. Despite financial constraints in recent years that are outside of the departments’ control as a result of city budgetary issues, there are other ways to effectively use department resources  to provide the level of service expected and deserved by the city of Kingman. 

 The Kingman Fire Department is only one of only 250 agencies around the world and is only the 11th agency in the state of Arizona to achieve Internationally Accredited Agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International or CFAI.  Achieving accreditation involves conducting a comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation to examine past, current and future service levels, standard of cover (like identifying community hazards) and internal performance, all-the-while comparing them to industry best practices.


To achieve accreditation, agencies complete a thorough self-assessment and review of internal policies and performance data. After the information is submitted to the CFAI, a panel of peer assessors examines the documents and conducts an onsite assessment. The final step is a public hearing before the commission. CFAI accreditation is valid for five years.

Currently, there are only 70 fire departments in the world that are CFAI accredited, and have an Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 1 rating. The Kingman Fire Department is proud to be in such a distinguished group. 

As an internationally accredited fire department through the CFAI, with an ISO Class 1 rating – this means your firefighters and department leadership are the best of the best in being highly effective and efficient. The CFAI model is used to guide fire and emergency service agencies around the world through accreditation with a focus on performance measurement, self-assessment and quality improvement. We are constantly assessing and improving what we do and how we do it, to ensure our city gets the best services possible.

The development of personnel on every level of the organization is imperative to remain competitive in the future and reflect best practices. Over the past few years, the Kingman Fire Department has increased training hours for its team from 5,000 hours per year to 25,000 hours, without increasing staff. For current and future success, quality, well-trained and motivated personnel is mission critical and must be a dynamic, multi-dimensional approach. Investing in leadership development is an essential component for the long-term health of the Kingman Fire Department. This will ensure and reinforce effective leadership and management concepts and support the exploration of new ideas and practices.

Because of the area your Kingman Fire Department serves, we are considered “all hazards,” with primary core services that include fire suppression, emergency medical services, community risk reduction, and special operations response including hazardous materials, and technical rescue. Some special hazards identified in the community include the topography of mountains and canyons, I40, and the railway that carries various cargo through our community.

Employee safety and wellness are considered a top priority in what is often described as one of the most hazardous professions. The department recognizes the hazards and risks inherent in being a firefighter and sets forth a proactive, comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety and health of the members. Recognizing the employees as the department’s number one priority; the health, wellness, and safety of our team is given a top priority for all members. This includes annual physicals and a comprehensive health and wellness program from fire chief to firefighter.

Through our accreditation, we hope this shows our community that the Kingman Fire Department is dedicated to continuous improvement, adhering to industry best practices and holding ourselves accountable. Like other fire departments, we have seen immense benefit in going through the process and have been able to identify and celebrate our strengths and find areas where we can focus on improvements.

The Kingman Fire Department expects to continue to perform as a leader in fire service in Kingman for years to come.