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Community Risk Reduction (CRR)

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The Community Risk Reduction Division (CRR) is a diverse division consisting of many aspects. Our mission is to provide risk analysis within the community allowing us to deliver focused educational programs to effectively reduce risk. In addition to focused educational programs, CRR performs fire investigations, inspections, fire plan reviews and provide fire code assistance.

Public Education

CRR delivers age appropriate focused curriculum to all populations. The division teaches topics such as fire safety, water safety, clear your car, holiday fire safety, bicycle safety, and falls prevention. We deliver programs on workplace safety, to include fire extinguisher use, home fire safety and adult safety. All of our programs are effective and measurable, meaning we can see the positive impact being made in the community and reducing risk.

Please contact CRR division by email  to schedule any of the following:

 Fire Inspections

 Another important and essential activity that CRR performs is fire code and safety inspections. They perform inspections on all commercial businesses and institutional occupancy for the City of Kingman at least once a year and up to 4 times a year on hazardous operations occupancies, ensuring the buildings are in compliance with the International Fire Code and NFPA. These inspections included educational facilities, hospitals, nursing and assisted living facilities, daycares, businesses and other commercial facilities. New and existing inspections are conducted to identify and correct hazardous conditions and prevent accidents before they happen. These inspections help reduce the number of fires, by correcting potentially dangerous situations. New inspections are done before a business even opens, this allows the business/ building owner to work with the Fire Department to ensure they are following the current fire code and keeping their occupants safe. All fire inspectors are state and internationally certified, maintaining continuing education as required by the governing body.

 Fire Investigations

 Community Risk Reduction is responsible for investigating the origin and cause of a fire. CRR also investigates fire-related deaths and life threatening burn injuries. The Kingman Fire Department/Fire Investigators are highly trained in fire origin and cause, investigative techniques, criminal law, and crime scene processing. All Investigators are certified by the State of Arizona, or nationally recognized. Investigators also participate in continuing education and in-service training each year as required by certification. Our investigators work as part of the Mohave County Arson Taskforce to investigate fires throughout the western region for more complex fires or adequate staffing. Investigators participate with multiple county disciplines in the Juvenile Fire Setter Program.

 Public Services

Community Risk Reduction helps homeowners obtain and install residential emergency access systems, (Knox Boxes) so entry can be gained in an emergency situation when the occupant is not able to allow access. They also work with home owners to ensure that they have working smoke alarms. This program provides smoke alarms to those that qualify at no cost, or cannot get to the alarm to change the batteries.

 Community Risk Reduction also provides Car Seat Installation Inspections and instruction. A properly sized car seat that fits the child, fits the vehicle and is used correctly every time reduces the risk of injury by 71-80%. Kingman Fire Department has FREE car seats available (While supplies last).

 For more information or to schedule Public Education or Services contact Community Risk Reduction at (928) 753-2891 or by email: .