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Training & Safety

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Vehicle Extrication Training-min
Flashover Training 2-min
Roof Ops Training -min
Firefighter Entrapment Training 2-min
Denver Drill-min
Burn House Training-min

The Kingman Fire Department training program continues to provide the foundation for efficient and safe responses to calls from citizens of the community. Training continues to be THE priority for our organization. Not only is the department increasing the quantity of training opportunities but increasing the qualitative aspect as well.

The introduction of new concepts allows the department to be more effective and even safer during emergency response. The training program relies heavily upon internal talent, knowledge and skills, national trends, as well as creativity in topic and program management, and delivery. This includes scenario based drills to maintain individual, company and multi-company skills as well as functional effectiveness.

The Training Division demonstrated an increase in training hours for the last few years. Over 20,000 hours is dedicated to training throughout the year. The increase in training has ensured that our firefighters have maintained their skills and learned more advanced skills in order to be more efficient and safer on the fire ground.

Fire Suppression training focused on response expectations and included topics such as Rules of Air Management, Officer Development, Master Water Stream and Aerial Operations, Driver Operator Refresher Programs and Company Evolutions. HAZMAT training included required knowledge and skills, refresher training as well as “hands on” training for operations and technical response personnel.

With the implementation of our minimum company standards program which sets a baseline proficiency level for basic firefighting skills every quarter. As a result our firefighters function in a safer more efficient manner during emergency calls. The standards are the baseline of operations and in a high risk-low probability event, these skills can mean the difference between safe practices, injury and even the difference between life and death.

Succession planning and officer development is a focus of the department through internal programs, task books, mentoring, and formal training. The department has the foundation of a program that is second to one in the fire service.