At this time City Offices are Closed to the Public.  Follow this link for more COVID-19 Information.

The City of Kingman Planning and Zoning Division is working with Roger Eastman, AICP, from Lisa Wise Consulting to update the City of Kingman Zoning Ordinance and expand the Downtown Historic Overlay District.  The current anticipated date to complete this project is December 2020.  There will be various public workshops held to encourage public participation and input. 

 The City of Kingman Zoning Ordinance was initially adopted on August 14, 1971.  Since then, there has not been a comprehensive review or update. The City of Kingman is considering expansion of the Downtown Historic Overlay District. The Downtown Historic Overlay District was added as Section 33 to the Zoning Ordinance on July 21, 1986, per Ordinance No. 618. Although, the City has a Downtown Historic Overlay District, it covers a very small area about 3 blocks in length. 

 The public is welcome and encouraged to submit written comments any time to the Planning and Zoning Division located at 310 N. 4th Street, Kingman, AZ 86401 or by email to or  If you have any questions about the Zoning Ordinance Update Project, please call Sylvia Shaffer at (928) 753-8131 or Rich Ruggles at (928) 753-8160.