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Gary Kellogg
Planning & Economic Development Director
310 N Fourth St
Kingman, AZ 86401

Phone: (928) 753-8130
Fax: (928) 753-7747

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Planning & Zoning FAQ

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  • What is the purpose of the general plan?

  • How was the public involved in the development of the Kingman General Plan 2030?

  • What is the function of the projected land use map?

  • How is the general plan used by developers, by the public, and by the city?

  • What is the difference between the projected land use map and the zoning map?

  • Does a particular land use designation guarantee the approval certain zoning districts?

  • Can the general plan be changed?

  • Where can I obtain additional information on the Kingman General Plan 2030?

  • What is the population of Kingman?

  • How can I find out the zoning on my lot or property?

  • Where are the setbacks on my property?

  • Do I need to conform to the Zoning Ordinance if I build a carport, garage, storage shed or fence?

  • How can I find out what the General Plan says about my property or property near me?

  • To whom do I ask questions?

  • Where is my property line for purposes of measuring fence locations, setbacks, right-of-way locations, etc.?

  • What animals can I have on my property?

  • There is a nuisance in my neighborhood. Who can I talk to about getting it cleaned up?

  • Can I repair a vehicle on my residential property?

  • Can I run a business in my home?

  • There are "Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions" (CC&R's) that apply to my home in my neighborhood. Does the City enforce CC&R's?

  • What are the planning & zoning fees? What services do you offer?

  • I live in Golden Valley, Dolan Springs, Chloride, Butler, or Valle Vista and have a planning and zoning question. Who do I contact?

  • Where do I call when I have a particular question?