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Finance Department

Tina D. Moline
Finance Director
310 N. Fourth St.
Kingman, AZ 86401

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Sewer Fees

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Sewer Rates (Inside and Outside City Limits)

Effective 07/01/2013

Residential sewer user charge is computed based on the actual monthly metered volume of water used by that customer during December, January, and February (billed in January, February, and March). During these months the actual usage is multiplied by the current residential sewer rate per 1,000 gallons. These three months of water usage establish the winter quarter average. All other months’ sewer charges are based on the winter quarter average consumption multiplied by the current residential sewer rate. In the event the actual monthly consumption is less than the winter quarter average consumption, the actual consumption will be used.

Volume Charges - Sewer 2012 2013
Customer Category (per 1,000 gallons) (per 1,000 gallons)
Residential $4.53 $5.66
Auto Steam Clean $17.17 $21.47
Bakery Wholesale $12.10 $15.13
Bars without Dining $4.69 $5.86
Car Wash $3.27 $4.09
Department / Retail Stores $4.06 $5.08
Hospital / Convalescent $4.36 $5.45
Hotel / Motel with Dining $9.06 $11.33
Hotel / Motel without Dining $4.84 $6.05
Industrial Laundry $10.61 $13.27
Laundromat $3.81 $4.76
Commercial Laundry $6.46 $8.07
Market with Garbage Disposal $12.17 $15.21
Mortuaries $12.17 $15.21
Professional Office $3.49 $4.37
Repair Shop / Service Station $5.07 $6.34
Restaurant $12.71 $15.89
School / College $3.62 $4.52
Soft Water Service $2.57 $3.22
Government / Public Buildings $3.49 $4.37
Churches $3.62 $4.52
Apartments $4.69 $5.86
Mobile Home Parks $4.69 $5.86
Storage, Wholesale $4.06 $5.08
Industrial Manufacturing $4.69 $5.86
Jail $9.06 $11.33
Septage $111.79 $139.74
Base Rates - Sewer 2012 2013
Base Rate (monthly) (monthly)
All $22.24 $27.80

Delinquent Charges

A $3 fee is assessed on all payments not received in the Finance Office by the due date of the bill. Any past due balance brought forward is payable immediately and subject to service termination. A disconnect notice will be sent via USPS. The City may discontinue service to any customer for non-payment of bill for services, if payment is not received by the date set forth in the disconnect letter. If services are disconnected or processed to be disconnected, in order to restore service, the bill must be paid in full along with a $28.17 disconnect fee. Be advised a security deposit may also be required.