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Property Maintenance

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The intent of the City adopted Property Maintenance Code shall be construed to secure its expressed intent, which is to ensure public health, safety and welfare insofar as they are affected by the continued occupancy and maintenance of structures and premises. Existing structures and premises that do not comply with these provisions shall be altered, repaired or abated to provide a minimum level of health and safety.

Currently, City staff, in carrying out duties of property maintenance enforcement, is referencing the adopted 2012 International Property Maintenance Code; Other City ordinances, municipal code and department policies also provide supplemental legal safeguards associated with property maintenance. Some of these are included here for your convenience and reference.

Homes and properties must be well maintained both inside and outside, according to the property maintenance code. To keep neighborhoods safe, healthy and vibrant, there also are city rules about everything from broken windows in homes to weeds and junk in the yard.

The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code may be purchased through the publishers, ICC, website.


What Properties May Fall Under the Blight Abatement Program?

Generally, to be considered for the Blight Abatement Program, a property must meet the definition of "blighted"

"Blighted Area" means any area that endangers the public health, safety, or welfare; or any area that is detrimental to public health, safety or welfare because commercial , industrial, or residential structures or improvements are dilapidated, or deteriorated or because such structures or improvements violate minimum health and safety standards. This definition includes, without limitation, areas previously designated as blighted.

"Blighted Property" means any individual commercial, industrial, or residential structure or improvement that endangers the public's health, safety, or welfare because the structure or improvement upon the property is dilapidated, deteriorated, or violates minimum health and safety standards, or any structure of improvement previously designated as blighted.

Learn about the Blight Abatement Program, including how to report blight.

Damaged Property

homes and other building are required to be kept in good repair and sound condition both inside and outside. Common problems with property maintenance include broken windows, falling gutters, collapsing roofs, decomposed wiring, non-code compliant electrical work. Unsecured vacant structures have also led to vandalism.

Abatement of these properties may also be remedied in similar fashion as the Blighted Abatement Program.

Weeds and Grass Height

Property owners are responsible to keep the sidewalks or public places bordering their property free of all trash, dead or dormant weeds, weeds or grass in excess of six (6) inches high and weeds which are so dry as to be readily flammable or combustible.

Property maintenance, including the right of way and landscaped areas, is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.
This includes the area between the property line and back of curb or edge of unimproved roads, easements, and to the center of alleys around the perimeter of the property.

Such maintenance shall include, but may not be limited to, pruning, mowing, weeding, trimming, raking, watering, refuse removal, fertilizing, and maintenance of the irrigation systems, and general clean-up of the area, to create an attractive appearance.

No owner shall allow trees, shrubs, or plant growth on that land to encroach upon or impede, obstruct or interfere with passage on any street, sidewalk or alley within the city or to obstruct visibility of any traffic control device or signal.

Failure to comply with City ordinances regarding property and landscape maintenance shall be subject to a misdemeanor charge as amended by Ord. 1137, adopted 10/06/97 and Ord. 1179, adopted 07/20/98.

Based on complaints, the City may have weeds or grass at a home cut at the homeowner's expense, and this may take 30 days or more once a complaint is received.

If you would like a copy of the applicable ordinances you can visit the City of Kingman website.

Junk and Debris in the Yard

In residential areas, all abandoned or junk vehicles being stored, restored or repaired shall be kept safely within a lawful building or structure or behind a lawful fence in such a manner as to not be visible from beyond the lot boundaries; for vehicles stored outside a lawful building or structure, there shall be no more and three (3) such vehicles.

Abandoned or junk vehicles shall not be stored on the premises of a business enterprise unless the enterprise is lawfully licensed under the Kingman Code for such purpose, or such storage is necessary to the operation of the business enterprise, and such storage is otherwise screened and in conformance with the Kingman City Code and Zoning Ordinance.

No person shall allow, deposit, store, accumulate or maintain garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, litter or junk, except as authorized for collection under Kingman Municipal Utilities Regulations.

For more information, call Code Enforcement or Development Services.


In location where it is not possible to drain standing water, such as, unused swimming pools, gutters, the public can use an environmentally safe larvicide. This product kills mosquitoes at the larval stage which is before they become flying insects. It targets mainly mosquitoes, so it will not harm people, pets, fish or plants.

Mohave County's Environmental Health Department investigates complaints about mosquitoes, as well as provides advise about controlling mosquitoes. Call (928) 757-0901


Customers are responsible for keeping their containers washed and cleaned. All trash should be bagged and tied before it is placed in the container. Container lids should be kept closed to prevent trash from blowing out onto the street. It is the customers responsibility to have their container out at the curbside at 6:00 a.m. on the day of pick up. "Curbside" means at the edge of the street, not on the sidewalk. Containers should be placed with the arrows facing the street. Customers can roll their containers out after 6:00 p.m. the night before their scheduled pickup. It is the customer's responsibility to move the emptied 90 gallon container back onto their property the same day of their scheduled pickup. Steel containers, and 300 gallon plastic containers can be serviced from the easement. It is also the customers responsibility to place the container in such a way that the truck can pick it up without interference (i.e. away from automobiles, power poles, mailboxes, etc...).

The City of Kingman will not pick up the items described below and they should not be placed into your container.

  • Hot ashes or any items that could cause combustion to sanitation containers and/or equipment
  • Construction waste
  • Rock, dirt, or concrete
  • Large dead animals
  • Hazardous material substances that are toxic and could cause illness to the public or people operating and/or repairing sanitation equipment
  • Any gasoline, benzene, naphtha, fuel oil, or other flammable or explosive liquid, solid or gas

The City of Kingman offers a program called "extra trash". The Sanitation Department will come to your residence and pick up items that will not fit in your container, (i.e. tree limbs, furniture, yard waste and some construction materials). The fee for this service is $15.00 for up to five cubic yards. These items can be placed out at the edge of your street or in you alley. Extra trash requests can be placed by calling the City Complex Customer Service Office (928) 692-3102. The same restrictions that apply to regular trash also apply to extra trash. In addition, the City will not pick up refrigerators or air conditioning units if the compressors are still intact. (Some appliance centers will remove Freon and compressors or accept whole units for a minimal charge.)