Fire Department

Kingman Fire Department
412 E Oak St
Kingman, AZ 86401

Office: (928) 753-2891
Fax: (928) 753-7597

Chief: Jake Rhoades
Asst Chief: Keith Eaton
Asst Chief: Chris Angermuller

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Emergency Response

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The Kingman Fire Department responds to medical emergencies, fire emergencies, and hazardous materials incident emergencies. 42 career employees are on three rotating shifts of 14 personnel each, working 24 hour shifts, providing emergency response, inspection and assistance in public education activities. Each shift is managed by a Battalion Chief. The Operations Division works out of four (4) fire stations on an around the clock basis. The fire stations are located by geographic regions throughout the city.

Emergency Medical Response

The Kingman Fire Department provides paramedic-level pre-hospital care. All four of our stations are staffed by a paramedic and basic emergency medical technician personnel. Our personnel are subject to rigorous continuing education and quality control measures to ensure high levels of skill and competency. Skills and capabilities of our personnel include advanced cardiac life support, which encompasses 12- lead monitoring, cardio version, defibrillation, and IV therapy. Advanced Life Support is also provided for trauma, respiratory problems, overdoses, pregnancies and other medical disorders. Basic emergency medical technician skills include oxygen, patient assisted medications, CPR, airway support and bleeding control. The minimum level of certification for all personnel including volunteer personnel is basic emergency technician. All personnel are CPR certified. We respond a two person engine to most medical incidents supplementing staffing with additional career and volunteer personnel on more complex medical incidents.

Fire Related Response

All fire apparatus are fully equipped with firefighting equipment and foam capabilities. The staffing for fire related incidents include personnel who are on duty and additional career and volunteer personnel as necessary. Incidents we commonly respond to include structure fires, vehicle fires, brush fires, trash fires, down power lines, natural gas leaks, fuel spills and alarm activations.

Communities are rated on fire protection services by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) for purposes of determining fire insurance premium rates. The ISO uses a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the least fire service delivery, or the worst rating, and one being the best rating. The City of Kingman currently has an ISO rating of four (4). This is a good mark for a growing community with a combination fire department. The four constantly manned and fully equipped engines along with the three reserve engines provide a 7,500 gallon per minute pumping capacity.

Hazardous Materials Response

The Kingman Fire Department operates a level B Hazardous Materials Response Team. Twenty-One department personnel are trained at the technician level. All remaining personnel are trained at the first responder level. A support truck carries protective suits, breathing apparatus, special communications equipment, hazardous category field identification kit, detection equipment for air monitoring, and chemical resource library which is supported by an in-house computer program. The support truck also carries a wide variety of spill and leak control equipment.

Technical Rescue Response

Technical rescue is an newly evolving area of response being implemented to service the growing community of Kingman. Currently we have the equipment and training to perform high and low angle rope rescue and also basic swift water rescue. We are in the process of acquiring equipment and training in the area of confined space rescue and plan to have the program in place in the upcoming fiscal year.

Additional response equipment in use by the department:

  • 2 - reserve engines
  • 1 - Aerial Ladder Engine
  • 2 - 4 x 4 brush engines
  • 1 - rescue unit
  • 1 - support truck providing support at fire and hazardous materials incidents
  • 1 - water tender
  • 1 - mass casualty incident equipment trailer

Training and Safety

The Training Division develops and oversees all departmental training education programs. At this time we have the capability to conduct live fire training drills in propane incidents and a burn building for live fire drills simulating an actual structure fire. The training facility is located behind fire station #2. The tall structure visible over the fence is the training tower which is used for ladder training during various drills. This facility is also utilized occasionally by other area fire departments.