City Offices Closed to the Public for Two Weeks.  Follow this link for more COVID-19 Information.


While the Kingman Municipal Court will be open to the public it is encouraging people to avoid coming to the courthouse if at all possible. If someone is feeling ill or has reason to believe that they have been exposed to someone who is ill they are being asked to not enter into the Kingman Municipal Court. If someone has health concerns and they are unable to appear in court then they can call the Kingman Municipal Court at (928) 753-8193 to discuss their court matter. The Court is also asking that individuals delay any non-essential matters that they may have with the court at this time in an effort to limiting the number of people within the courthouse.

At this time special provisions that have been put into place for people who do come to the Kingman Municipal Court including:

  1. Only the parties themselves as well as attorneys, victims, and court personnel are allowed into the courtrooms. Any friends and family members are to wait outside of the courthouse.
  2. Those who have cases and appear at the courthouse are to immediately go into the courtroom after checking in and not linger in the hallways.
  3. Those who do appear at the courthouse are to only sit in chairs designated as approved pursuant to social distancing guidelines. 

No court dockets moving forward shall have more than 10 individuals scheduled on any one particular docket. Furthermore, jail transports have ceased and inmates are no longer being transported from the Mohave County Jail to the Kingman Municipal Court as their cases will all be addressed by video.

The Court is requesting that individuals appear telephonically if at all possible for their respective cases. If they have an attorney these individuals are asked to contact their attorney about waiving their appearance in court and proceeding with their cases in an alternative manner. Furthermore, the court will be suspending walk-in warrants at this time. 

There are alternative ways for individuals to conduct court business without having to personally appear at the courthouse. There is a lockbox on the outside of the courthouse where individuals can leave correspondence and payments (no cash). They can also make payments on their cases by going online to either or Individuals may initiate protective order proceedings by going to and completing their paperwork electronically and can contact the court by phone about proceeding with their initial protective order request telephonically. And if someone needs a continuance of their case or needs additional time to comply with other court orders they may call the court or email the court as well at to correspond on these issues without having to personally appear at the courthouse. Updated information will also be listed on the court’s webpage Municipal Court.


The Kingman Municipal Court handles the following types of cases:


  • Criminal Misdemeanor
  • Traffic
  • Juvenile
  • City Ordinances
  • Orders of Protection
  • Injunctions Against Harassment

The Kingman Municipal Court is located in a building constructed in 1896 and formerly known as The Little Red School House where grades 1st - 8th attended school until 1928. After the students moved to a new location, the building served many groups: The Catholic Missionaries and the Christian Science Church; The Elks Lodge; and it housed the Ration Board during WWII to name a few. At the end of the war, the Chamber of Commerce moved in along with a Public Library.

In 1974, the building was placed on the Register of Historic Buildings and with some internal remodeling, the Public Library became the sole occupant. As the library grew, there became a need for a new building and they moved out. By this time, the City of Kingman owned the building and, in 1992, decided to renovate the building and it has been home to the Municipal Court ever since.

court frontLittle Red Schoolhouse historic plaqueLittle Red Schoolhouse dedication plaque


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