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Rob Owen
3700 E Andy Devine Ave
Kingman, AZ 86401

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Street Department

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Jack Plaunty
Street Department Superintendent

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Street Department is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic by providing well maintained streets, sidewalks, and lighting systems and to provide the best possible customer service.

The Street Department is responsible for many aspects of Kingman’s transportation network.  When fully staffed there are 12 employees including: a superintendent, a crew leader, a signals and lighting technician, a signage and markings technician and eight maintenance workers. 

We appreciate your help in reporting hazards such as down stop signs, malfunctioning traffic signals, debris in the roadway. You can report roadway hazards to the Kingman Dispatch Center after hours at (928)753-8050.


  • Pavement Preservation
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Grading of dirt roads, shoulders and alleys
  • Drainage facilities maintenance
  • Traffic signal repair and maintenance
  • Street light repair and maintenance
  • Curb/sidewalk maintenance and repair
  • Street sweeping
  • Special projects and events
  • Emergency response and repairs

Current Assets

  • 434 lane miles of paved roads
  • 18 miles of dirt roads
  • 24 Traffic Signals
  • 13 miles of alleys
  • 900 Street Lights
  • Over 14,000 Street Signs
  • Storm Drains
  • Detention/Retention Areas

Important Contacts

City of Kingman Streets Division
3700 E Andy Devine Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401

Kingman Police (Neighborhood Services)
General nuisance, animal and weed complaints Within the Rights of Ways
2730 E Andy Devine Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401

Kingman Fire (Building and Life Safety)
Fire hazards, blight properties and weed complaints on private property
412 E Oak St.
Kingman, AZ 86401

Kingman Fire and Police Dispatch (None-emergencies and after hours reporting)

ADOT Kingman Office
Questions or complaints for items within ADOT Rights of Ways (Mohave County Area)
3660 E Andy Devine Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401
Phone: (928)681-6010

Mohave County Public Works
3715 Sunshine Dr.
Kingman, AZ 86401

Street Lights

The City of Kingman maintains street lights throughout Kingman but, there are many dusk to dawn lights maintained by Unisource Electric. Unisource lights are typically recognizable due to the wooden utility pole they are mounted on. Inoperable or malfunctioning dusk to dawn lights may be reported directly to Unisource Electric either by phone at (877) 837-4968 or online at The account number is not required but, a general description of the location and the pole number are needed. Below is a picture of a typical dusk to dawn light and the pole number.


           Power Pole Number2



Property and Weed Maintenance

The City Kingman Public Works, Kingman Police and Kingman Fire Departments would like to remind Residents to help keep our city clean and safe.  Wet winters coupled with the warm spring and summer temperatures bring rapid weed growth.  Below is an overview of the responsibilities of property owners within the City of Kingman. 

  •  Sec. 7-165 Public Nuisances.  Property maintenance, including the right of way and landscaped areas, is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.  This includes the area between the property line and back of curb or edge of unimproved roads, easements, and to the center of alleys around the perimeter of the property.
  •   (d).  All persons owning or occupying land, whether improved or unimproved, shall keep the sidewalks or public places fronting or bordering their property free of garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, litter or junk, and weeds or grass in excess of six (6) inches high; provided, however, this section shall not prohibit the temporary storage of such materials in authorized receptacles for collection in compliance with the Kingman Municipal Utilities Regulations.
  •  (e).  No owner or occupant of land, whether improved or unimproved, shall allow trees, shrubs, or plant growth on that land to encroach upon or impede, obstruct or interfere with passage on any street, sidewalk or alley within the city or to obstruct visibility of any traffic control device or signal. Such clearance shall be a minimum of seven (7) feet over a sidewalk and fifteen (15) feet over the roadway. 
  • (f) No owner or occupant of land, whether improved or unimproved, shall allow plant growth which is dead, dormant or so dry as to be readily flammable or combustible or that may otherwise constitute a fire hazard or other threat to public health or safety. 
  • (g) No person shall deposit into, sweep upon or allow or permit to drain into any public right-of-way or place any hazardous material, garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, litter or junk, or similar matter which is offensive to sight or smell or impedes passage or is detrimental to public health. 
  • Such maintenance shall include, but may not be limited to, pruning, mowing, weeding, trimming, raking, watering, refuse removal, fertilizing, and maintenance of the irrigation systems, and general clean-up of the area, to create an attractive appearance. 
  • Failure to comply with City ordinances regarding property and landscape maintenance shall be subject to a misdemeanor charge as amended by Ord. 1137 and Ord. 1179.

If you would like a copy of the applicable ordinances you can visit  Thank you for your consideration and help in keeping our City safe and beautiful.


 City of Kingman Public Works, Kingman Police and Kingman Fire Departments.