Debunking Rumors

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On this page, we will address rumors you may hear around town.  If you hear something that isn't on this page, feel free to call and ask us.  


Rumor: The City of Kingman “fought” the initiative process for an upcoming proposition.
Fact: The City of Kingman did not begin litigation against the initiative process. In fact, the City said that there were enough signatures to move forward with the initiative. The County rejected the signatures that cause their threshold to go below the required number. Due to strict time constraints, the City Attorney's Office then retained outside counsel to be able to defend the City's position.

Rumor: The Kingman City assesses a city property tax.

Fact: The City of Kingman does not assess a city property tax. Citizens of Kingman do pay property tax to other taxing authorities (Mohave County, School District, etc.), but not to the City.

Rumor:   What is the purpose of these signs?Stockton Hill Rd Preservation Sign 

Fact:   This sign is placed along the newly-completed Stockton Hill Rd. project to show residents and the traveling public where some of their tax dollars are spent. A portion of the TPT is strictly used for pavement preservation. The city will place more signs as future projects are completed.